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post Dec 23 2007, 01:32 PM

I work with the formerly incarcerated. I love to travel. I am mean, so yes, I did warn you. I live for music and I love to see bands and artists live. I adore musicians who are *truly* passionate about their music, and none of these wanna-be *amazing* boy bands who claim they are original and drop dead sexy. Time for the "bowling alley" anyone? wink.gif I don't listen to the radio. I love my friends who have become family. I like meeting new people and learning about where they are from. I am attracted to things most people are afraid of. I am alive at night. I like to break hearts and to start fights. I have been a DJ and I have been in a band. I have been on tour in Europe twice. I hate piercing guns (get it done right with a needle, k thanks!) and think tattoos are beautiful. I use Urban Decay and MAC products. I think eyeliner is sexy and glitter makes me happy. I babycount for fun and act insane to keep sane. I am not effected by your opinion, nor do I care what society says. Yes, I am used to all the stares in public. It makes me feel great not being a fucking clone. And I love all things *FANTASTIC*!! Just last night Justin from Semi Precious Weapons told me that I had "Fantastic fucking hair. She looks fantastic. She is from a fucking cartoon. Yes, she looks amazing." Yes, I am that amazing, but usually less vain. Always ask, never just assume.


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