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Forum Guidelines
Failure to follow these guidelines may result in one of a number of punishments depending on severity and history. For small offenses, you will receive a warning usually between 10-30% on your warn meter. When you reach 100% you will be permanently banned. In other cases you might receive a privilege suspension, suspension, or instant permanent ban.

Note: Although The Official AFI and DF Message Board does not allow open discussion about the band and their music, we welcome constructive open discussion. So long as it is within the guidelines below.

All new changes starting 25/05/2008 will be noted in pink.

Board rules

  • Respect those that make this place available to you.
  • Do not insult (flame) or threaten a member of the board.
  • Have respect for the band members' personal lives. Do not post personal information about band members, that the members themselves haven't authorized to be placed online.
  • Do not post pornographic images or content, or link to external pages containing pornographic material.
  • Do not SPAM the forums. SPAM is considered unsolicited mass linking of a source in order to make other people visit it for the sole purpose of getting hits. Feel free to link to informative material in topics requiring it.
  • No caption images such as the likes found on ebaums.
  • New members are required to make one (1) legitimate post before they reach one month old in terms of registration. Each day we cull members older than one month with zero posts. This is to prevent leech abuse of our servers. It also helps us identitify illegal sign-ups.
  • Do not make any topics or posts linking Dork auctions/sales or The Days Of The Phoenix EP auctions/sales. This is due to most being bootlegs now. Do not insult people selling possible bootlegs. They most likely do not know!
  • This is not a *chan! Keep that off here. This includes mentions (direct or indirect) of them or their fads.

Media Rules

  • No:
    • mp3s/videos available for purchase.
    • mp3s/videos only available on Out Of Print albums. You may not be able to buy it, but it's still copyrighted and off-limits here.
    • Studio recordings that have not been released. This means that if an mp3 is released online, the fact that you can't buy it anywhere does not give us the right to provide download links for it. Don't even try.
  • Do not link to fansites breaking any of these media rules. We take them very seriously.
  • Do not link to AFI videos uploaded on flash video sites (youtube, etc).
  • Do not link to private/personal band images unless they have been offered in the public domain mutually.

Courtsey Guidelines

  • For the benefit and enjoyment of those using this board, please refrain from posting images in your posts greater than 800 x 600 pixels.
  • Try to avoid hotlinking images, audio, and video material that doesn't belong to you, at all costs - unless you have permission to, or the website allows for hotlinking.
  • Please also avoid using txt/sms chat such as "r u 2 all 4 blah blah". This is so we don't have to battle to read the content of your posts.


Please note the change to these rules!!!! There are two components to signature size restrictions:
  • IMAGE size restrictions: The total combined dimensions of all images used in a signature must not be greater than 600px width x 100px height
  • OVERALL size restrictions: Text may be added to the signature to bring it to a maximum height of 113px overall. If a maximum size image is used, this will allow for ONE line of default text. If you would like to use larger text or multiple lines of text, the size of the image must be reduced to compensate.
  • The mods have final discretion and may change any signature they deem outside of the size restrictions.
  • Please use this handy ruler as a guide to judge whether your sig meets size restrictions. Methods for comparing include using Print Screen and your favourite photo-editing program, or using an old-fashioned ruler to compare the two.

  • Following are a number of examples of valid signatures:

    Example 1:

    This is my one allotted bonus line of text

    Example 2:

    Lucky me;
    three lines
    just fit!!!

    Example 3:

    Just this one larger line fits

    Example 4:

  • These rules are meant to be guidelines, not bent. Please respect them, and we'll respect you.
  • Do NOT use QUOTE tags in signatures. Regardless of how many lines they take. QUOTE tags are not for signatures!

Arcade Comments

  • Do NOT post images in the arcade comments when achieving a high score. The entire score will be deleted if we find them. Please do not post any non-default smilies as well or any smiley that is not the same height as the text being posted around it. Any comment found to distort the grid will result in the score being removed.

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