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> : GUIDELINES UPDATED + Avatar and Signature Rules Update
GUIDELINES UPDATED + Avatar and Signature Rules Update 

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16-February 05
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Please read the guidelines (top left of every page or click http://board.afispace.com/index.php?act=boardrules). There have been some updates. Familiarise yourself with them!


We tolerated animated avatars of any size and then decided it was best to make a 150kb limit on animated avatars. When the new boards came and the restrictions were accidentally dropped by the software people went back to their huge animated avatars.

It's unacceptable to have multiple 600kb+ avatar images on each page. It's also hampering my ability to moderate the board quickly as extra features don't appear until a full page load.

As a result of all of this there is now a 0 animation policy on avatars in effect as of now. The extension (.gif) is now blocked by the board for avatars. Those with original restriction size avatars will have until June to remove/replace before they are removed for you. Those with avatars over 150kb will have their avatar removed if we come across is starting now.

Animated signatures are now also banned. Signatures are not to remove the focus from the posting and I don't know why we allowed them originally. You can still use .gif sigs so long as they are not animated. All animated signatures need to be changed by June.

Sorry and thanks.
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: 20th September 2018 - 07:09 AM