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> AFI in Manchester 9/4/10, Setlist, mini review/rant
Apr 10 2010, 03:47 AM

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26-December 05
MANCHESTER. Capital of Cool =)
OMB Name: franktherabbit

Hey all... I'd say this is my first post in a good few years... anyhoo now to business...

I went to the gig at the Academy in my lovely lovely home city, Manchester (a city whose music helped Davey become the person he is today, his words). This was, I think, the 10th maybe 11th time I have seen them? My first being at joesphs well in leeds on the AoD tour... ah the good old days... and like most old fans I tend to just bitch and moan at whats has become of my beloved AFI...

--The set--

Girls Not Grey
The Leaving Song Part II
Cold Hands
Kill Caustic
Test Transmission
Advances In Modern Technology (oh my how I enjoyed this! shame it was much much slower)
Beautfiul Theives
Dancing Through Sunday
Too Shy To Scream
Love Is a Many Splendored Thing (I actually shit myself hearing this, it wasnt slowed down, as expected, it was fuckin mint!!!)
Okay, I Feel Better Now
Death Of Seasons
Miss Murder
Love Like Winter (shocking! a shocking song)
Silver and Cold (very slow indeed)

So there you have it. The set thrown up two suprises but I think they have been putting them in on this tour anyway. The songs from Crash Love (which as an album I think is ok, better than I hoped after DU) when played live lack power, emotion, intensity, connection with the fans, basically all the things AFI once was both live and on record. The encore, was dreadful, LLW is an apalling song on record, and live, it makes me cringe.

I could go on and on about what I/we want to hear but its all been said before.... **cough cough narrative, wester, last kiss, fall children cough cough**

till next time

"a large black cloud descends in to Times Square. Straddles out across 42nd street, turns in to a wall and sucks in the whole of the Manhatten Island...Our hero, named Rael, crawls out of the subways of New York and is sucked in to the wall, to regain conciousness. Underground...... This is the story of Rael"
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Apr 12 2010, 10:50 AM

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6-July 06
Batley/Leeds, UK
OMB Name: GracieK

Heyyy, welcome back!

I was there too- Advances in Modern Technology? I recall Perfect Fit, not that!?

Where were you stood? I was about 5 rows back, on the right. Everyone was just stood there like planks so I looked really rowdy in comparison, when I wasn't at all...!

As much as I would love it if they played more pre-STS, those days are gone. There just isn't the time, for a start! Clearly they still love playing the old stuff too, you can see it on their faces, and have made an effort to throw in a surprise 'old oldie' at each UK gig, but they're promoting CL and are also honouring the fact that songs like MM and LLW have brought them a new crop of fans.

The guys know how to put on a great show, gotta give them that. I had a great time and had a load of space to sing and dance smile.gif

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