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post Apr 16 2008, 02:22 PM

hello there i've been a long-time fan of afi, but seeing as how they're as old as i am, i still have much to learn i suppose.

i'm constantly rediscovering my love for afi<33

one of my goals in life is to actually go to an afi concert!! [=O]

i'm a junior in high school and i hate it but i love my friends and they keep me breathing

i recently cut out some people in my life who weren't really doing much for me and i'd loooooove to make more friends. so don't be afraid! i won't bite! =]

i'm usually on myspace because i am a nerd. so if you want to add me, you can!

just beware... you might need to message me first because i put my page on private


but don't worry... i'm not a myspace whore! =]

i'll update much later with more juicy details, i promise V^_^

anything you'd like to know, just ask. no guarantees i'll answer you though XD


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