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> Reintroducing myself
Sep 2 2009, 06:50 PM

New Member

29-November 05
OMB Name: n/a

Because I think it's polite to do that after being gone for a while smile.gif

Name/nickname: Diandra
Your age/birthday: 25
Nationality and/or where you live: I'm Chilean!
Tell us about how you became an AFI fan: I was watching MTV and saw the video for Silver And Cold. Iasked a friend to download a couple of song from a band that was brave enough to kill three bandmates in a video and I loved the music.
How did you find out about this site/board?: I really don't remember. Probably through livejournal
What's your occupation?: Translator/tour guide/unemployed
Favourite bands: AFI, Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, Johnny Cash, The Beatles... I'm eclectic
Favourite movies: Star Wars
Favourite books: The Lord of The Rings
Favourite restaurant: McDonalds (Shame on me, I know tongue.gif)
Interests/hobbies: Writting, surfing the net, reading... I'm kinda boring
Favourite sport/game: F1
Favourite thing to do on weekends?: Sleep, read and use my computer
Describe yourself in 10 words or less: I'm quiet, lazy, I like music and to laugh
What web browser are you using?: Firefox
What is your favourite game in our arcade: Uh? I still don't know
What is one feature you'd like to see added to this site: I like it the way it is
Photo of yourself (just for fun, feel no obligation to participate!): I can't remember the password for my photobucket account, so none at the moment.

Pet peeves: Intolerance, seeing what's in another person's mouth or people not asking to use my things
Favourite animal: dragon (IT IS an animal... I've had the argument before)
Favorite ice cream flavor: cream and chocolate chips
Favourite alcoholic product?: Johnny Walker (I really don't drnk but it tastes nice
What's in your pocket?: Toilet paper
Where do babies come from? (explain in detail plz): Mom and dad have sex and there! Magic. Go to Sex education classes to get the details
Describe life in one word: Confusion
If you ever wanted to, what would you change your name to?: I sort of did. I call myself Diandra
Your most embarrassing story: I was three and my friend and I used to touch in weird place. 10 years later my friend remember it right in front of a possible boyfriend. It never happen
Best pickup line: ... I don't have frown2.gif
Favourite car: Jeep Grand cherokee, beige ideally.
Favourite word: Spanish word "compota"
Share a true random fact with us: I adore sport shoes, especially the Chuck Taylor Converse and the Three Stripes Adidas
Ask us a question of your choosing: Can you all sign a petition to bring AFI to my country? (And extra one: Or to get me to the US o see them live? XD)

Music, games, TV, or internet? (pick one only): internet
What would you rather go without - toothpaste or deodorant?: Thootpaste
Snakes and Ladders or Candyland: The first one!
Smurfs, Snorks, or Fraggles: Snorks. They are part of fond childhood memories
Coke or Pepsi: Coke all the way smile.gif
Healthy or sugary drinks: Sugary drinks
Coffee or tea: Tea
Gold or silver: Gold
Hot or cold: Cold
Snow or sand: Snow
Flat or hilly: Hilly
Beach, city, or country: Country
Land, sky or water: Sky
Summer or winter: Winter
Autumn or spring: Autumn
One pillow or two: One
Mac, PC, or *nix: PC

Do you have a MySpace profile? (link): http:// www.myspace.com/diandra_world .But I never use it

So hi everybody! I'll try to catch up with you smile.gif
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Sep 2 2009, 08:55 PM


24-September 06
Rochester NY
OMB Name: Shadowsoal

Welcome to the series! Tolkien & Star Wars, sounds like my kinda person!

I think it's time we blow this scene, get everybody and the stuff together. Okay, 3 2 1 let's jam!
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